Siddharth Mahajan was an immaculate student and a determined and pioneering businessman who knew exactly what problems his business was going to solve for consumers. Achievements of Siddharth Mahajan in the business world are testimony to his immense success and have rendered his career worthwhile. Despite his multiple accomplishments in life, he is currently fighting to keep his business and reputation clean and alive. 

Siddharth Mahajan recently found himself entwined in the ropes of law. A recent allegation against him about not having the appropriate licenses and being a citizen who is not abiding by the laws of the land has brought him great discredit. Siddharth Mahajan lives by the mantra that success comes to those who wait. Through the entire ordeal of him being accused of forgery, he kept a positive mindset and this mature outlook in life is also the reason he has achievements he is proud of today.

Read on to know more about the highlights of his career.

Achievements of Siddharth Mahajan 

Personal Life

  • Siddharth Mahajan was an intelligent and hard-working Hotel Management student who consistently scored above 90%. He was the first in his batch to receive a campus placement at the Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur.
  • Siddharth Mahajan started his own venture earlier than many of his peers. He set an example of how to grow a business from scratch. His business idea was new and execution was flawless, which earned him more clients and a great reputation in the hospitality sector. Not all are fortunate to taste success at such a young age. 

Business Achievements

  • When he established his business, living in a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) was not a widespread concept. While he understood that it needed to be fulfilled, he also knew that not many were aware of a concept like this. His knowledge, experience and innovative thinking benefitted his business and led it to grow rapidly.  
  • Siddharth is worth 14 million British Pounds and owns assets worth 48 million British Pounds. Siddharth Mahajan reached this mark owing to his hard work, determination, a fiercely supportive team, honesty and integrity.
  • At the outset of his business, he converted his own properties into HMOs. This demonstrated his confidence in his business. Not many would have the courage to put their own assets at stake if they were not sure of their idea, that too at the first step of the business. Siddharth did precisely that. As of now, there are seven assets which belong to Siddharth. He operates as HMOs and 47 more assets registered under the name of his business — Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd

And the biggest achievement of his life

A trying time in his career came in the form of notices to three of his properties in London, which the authorities claimed were lacking appropriate licenses. Siddharth Mahajan defended himself in the court of law stating that it was the duty of the authorities to verify his documents and let him know in case of insufficiency. He also submitted before the court that he was a law-abiding citizen and that if his business was in fact illegal, then how was he given all the permits and licenses to run it for so long. Mahajan sailed through this storm of tough times with spirit and opted to pursue a course in journalism while also teaching mathematics when he was restricted by law from running his business for four months. These tasks helped him retain focus and fight his case with every ounce of courage and strength he had.