Top 5 Mantras to become a successful hotelier by Siddharth Mahajan

Siddharth Mahajan hotelier and owner of Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. started his career in 2001 after graduating with a degree in Hotel Management from the Oriental School of Hotel Management in Kerala. Mahajan’s capabilities and skillsets carried him to pinnacles of success as his professional journey in the hotel industry took off. Although Mahajan attracted a heavy share of hostility due to the property case against him in the UK, he ensured it did not dampen his spirits and motivation to move forward. Thus, considering Siddharth Mahajan’s history with the property case and the bravado he displayed to deal with the situation speaks volumes about him and proves that there is a lot to learn from him. 

Needless to say, Siddharth Mahajan, hotelier possesses several qualities and Vision of Siddharth Mahajan that one can find inspirational enough to build a prolific career and lead a fulfilling life. Here are 5 sure shot mantras as per Mahajan that served him on his way to reaching the pillars of success:


Siddharth’s passion for everything he does


Good entrepreneurs understand fully well that the success of a business is heavily reliant on them. When running an organization, a lot depends on how you run the business overall. In essence, all successful entrepreneurs exude one specific quality, that of strong passion towards their work.


It is all about the customer


Customers are the primary reason why a business exists. Successful entrepreneurs realize this right at the inception and ensure they make their business about the customers. Studies have shown that customers are four times more likely to consider a new competitor if they have a customer service-related concern as opposed to a price, product or service related issue.


Siddharth likes to take the road less travelled


Mahajan believes following the crowd only leads to familiar destinations where other people have ventured before. Successful entrepreneurs are never afraid to venture out of their comfort zone with a company and become trailblazers. This is a defining characteristic as per Siddharth.


Discipline is a pre-requisite


Siddharth focuses on panning out the best way his business can work, and eliminates any element that could act as a hindrance or distraction to his goals. He constructs principal strategies and tactics to accomplish them and believes that it takes discipline to ensure that all his objectives lead to achievement.


The importance of being liberal, determined, competitive and creative with strong work ethics


As a hotelier, Siddharth Mahajan has the confidence of being the best at his job, but he also realizes that a business can only evolve if one is open to fresh new ideas, techniques and strategies as well as an innovative approach. Defeat is but a part of the path to success and should be seen as an opportunity to grow. Siddharth firmly believes that the kind of determination which includes perseverance, strong work ethics and consistency in completing daily tasks with the same enthusiasm and tenacity is what truly defines a successful entrepreneur.

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