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Join me on an immersive journey through my transformative ventures in both traditional hospitality and cutting-edge real estate innovation. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, uncover the evolution of my vision and the milestones that have shaped my career. Delve into a diverse array of projects that seamlessly blend the timeless principles of hospitality with the latest advancements in real estate technology and design. Experience firsthand how each endeavor is meticulously curated to deliver exceptional experiences, whether it’s crafting luxurious residential developments that redefine urban living or creating immersive hospitality destinations that leave a lasting impression. 

Siddhart Mahajan

Crafting Excellence in Hospitality and Real Estate

I’m Sidd Mahajan, an entrepreneur passionate about hospitality and real estate. Originating in Kerala, India, I founded Tulip Real Estate Ltd in London, UK. My aim is to revolutionize urban living creatively. Influenced by diverse architectural styles and rich hospitality traditions, I merge them in my career. With expertise in global real estate markets and emerging trends, Tulip Real Estate Ltd redefines urban environments. Our portfolio, from residential to commercial developments, emphasizes design, sustainability, and technology. Detail-oriented, we prioritize community connectivity, well-being, and environmental responsibility. Committed to excellence, I strive to transform urban living, leaving a legacy of impactful projects.

My Vision is to Transform Spaces and inspire Lives​

My vision is to redefine urban living through exceptional design, outstanding service, and sustainable practices, creating properties that not only meet but exceed expectations, inspiring communities and individuals alike. At Tulip Real Estate Ltd, we push the boundaries of urban development by leveraging innovative architectural design and the latest technological advancements to create beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible living spaces. Sustainability is a core principle, driving us to integrate renewable energy sources, energy-efficient systems, and eco-friendly materials, thereby minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting healthier living. Alongside our commitment to sustainability, we prioritize outstanding service to ensure that every interaction and experience with our properties is exemplary, fostering a sense of community and enhancing the quality of urban life.


Explore some of my most notable projects, where modern design meets timeless hospitality. From boutique hotels nestled in bustling urban centers to serene retreats set amidst picturesque landscapes,
warbrook Hotel

Warbrook Hotel

A blend of historic charm and contemporary luxury. Warbrook House Heritage Hotel seamlessly marries the allure of its historical roots with the comforts of contemporary luxury.

Whately Hall Hotel

At Whately Hall Hotel, we seamlessly blend modern comfort with the charm of original features, creating an unforgettable experience for our guests.

whately Hotel
serviced Apartments

Service Apartments

Creating comfortable and stylish living spaces for modern travelers is a passion of mine. I

Landmark Pinnacle

Tulip Real Estate proudly presents two coveted floors in Landmark Pinnacle, the epitome of luxury living in Canary Wharf and Europe's tallest residential tower

Landmark Pinacle


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What People Are Saying​

Ritesh Parekh

Working with Sidd has been a transformative experience. His dedication to quality and innovation is unparalleled

Shilpa Agarwal

Sidd Mahajan Tulip’s vision and execution are truly inspiring. His projects set new benchmarks in the industry.

John Davies

Sidd’s projects consistently redefine industry standards, setting new benchmarks and inspiring others in the field.